Tailor-made KYC solutions

Offer your customers the onboarding and user experience they deserve with our fully customizable platform for identity proofing.

IDnow’s eIDAS-certified identity verification service has been optimized to meet the strictest security standards and regulatory requirements without compromising on conversion or customer experience.

Products and Services

Automated AI‑based verification for highly regulated use cases

  • FAST – Creating a long-term customer relationship begins with automatic, fast and secure onboarding – powered by AI.
  • CONVENIENT – Giving your customers the onboarding convenience they want – anywhere, anytime – gets you the high conversions your business needs.
  • SECURE – Protecting your business from fraudsters with proprietary fraud prevention and detection technology – means you onboard only trusted customers.

AML-compliant, expert-assisted identification verification

  • FACE-TO-FACE – Our expert-assisted video verification is facilitated by highly trained agents, giving your customers the best identity experience with human-machine collaboration.
  • FLEXIBLE CONFIGURATION – From lower assurance to highly regulated use cases, you can customize your KYC experience for conversion.
  • SECURE & ACCESSIBLE – You can rely on deep anti-fraud expertise trusted by leading financial services institutions, balancing security with the customer experience and accessibility.

Top 3 Benefits

  • Comprehensive compliance checks
  • Superior user experience
  • Innovative fraud prevention

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