Hoffmann Murtaugh

Company Profile


 Hoffmann Murtaugh’s superpower lies in wading through the complexities of media to deliver winning results. As an integrated media agency, we have expertise in media strategy, cross-channel activation, and reporting & analysis.  

Our mission is to prove your media results. 
  • We empower marketers to justify and optimize their media efforts. 
  • We take a strategic, efficient, and proven approach. 
  • We pinpoint the white space that takes you from disparate data to decisions. 
  • We prove that media is reaching each target and driving desired actions. 
  • We discover clear wins by illuminating the path to success. 
  • We partner with top B2B and B2C brands such as Paychex, Merck Animal Health, Eat’n Park Hospitality Group, and FEIN power tools. 
  • We have proof of success. Among our 20 active clients, the average client tenure is 6 years. A quarter of our clients have been with us for 10+ years. 
Activate the power of teamwork. 
  • Our philosophy rests at the intersection of data-driven measurement and media-focused intuition. 
  • We take a strategic approach to interrogating the data we collect to gain a deep understanding of consumers and campaigns. 
  • We are hyper focused on business results and experiment with different campaign elements to gain insights that maximize ROI.