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Our dev & data teams come alongside your business to deliver quality software products faster.

Products and Services

  • Over 20 years of experience crafting end-to-end teams & augmenting distributed teams, delivering complex builds, legacy refactors, cloud migration, and Agile delivery with UK clients.
  • Microsoft Solution Partner in Azure & Digital App Innovation. Core strengths in MS, .Net, C#, Azure, SQL, React, Flutter, and others.
  • Established competencies in Business Analysis, Development (Front & Back), DevOps, Testing (Function & Automation), Data Science & Data Visualisation. Growth competencies in Low code/No code.
  • Core experience in Financial Services, Food Services, Retail & FMCG, Transport & Logistics industries.

Top Benefits

  • Teams based in South Africa (and UK) – for stronger time-zone, language & culture alignment.
  • Teams build on permanent staff – to importantly minimise attrition and maximise stability & positive team culture.
  • Specialist boutique firm – we are 50-strong, pragmatic and flexible with over 20 years’ experience delivering for UK clients like Tesco Group, Superdrug, Culina Group & others.

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