Flat Rock Technology

Company Profile


Software Development Services

A UK headquartered software engineering company with highly qualified Central and East European technology teams delivering cost-effective Digital Transformation, Mobile, Web, API and Service Integration to meet client needs.

Products and Services

We build end to end digital products and services: Design and UI/UX, CRM and ERP integration, AI and Machine Learning, DevOps and delivery.

We deliver across a wide range of platforms to integrate with your business: Public Cloud, .Net, Java, PHP, React Native, MAUI, Node.JS and more

We collaborate with your teams on business outcomes: Product and Project Management, Consulting and Team Augmentation

Top 3 Benefits

• Solution expertise – highly qualitied architects, designers and delivery staff understand your business goals

• Partnerships and technology – we can work with your technologies and partner with major vendors

• Client collaboration – working closely end-to-end with our clients for cost-effective and quality outcomes

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