You have questions, we have answers

When enrolling, you will be introduced to your Client Relations Manager who will run through our operational process with you. To get started we will need you to create a company profile to give an overview of your proposition.

We will also send you the list of decision-makers (DTL) 6-weeks ahead of each programme for you to review and prioritise according to who you want to meet. Our team will then do the rest of the work to arrange meetings with your priority decision-makers.  

We will let you know what meetings we’ve scheduled a week before the programme by sending you a draft agenda the week ahead. 

Our process is broken down into 5 easy steps:

  1. Welcome and Enrolment Stage
    You will be assigned a Client Relations Manager who will run through our process and be on hand to optimise delivery.

  2. DTL Stage
    List of all of the decision makers that are attending the Strategy Meetings. It includes all the business intelligence for each decision maker and their company to allow you to make an informed decision on which decision makers you want to prioritise.

  3. Draft Agenda Stage
    Agenda with the details and times of the meetings arranged. This will be a draft so whilst we aim to reduce any changes, the times and meetings are subject to change.

  4. Updated Agenda Stage
    The day before, we will send an updated agenda which will confirm the times and details of the meetings.

  5. Programme Day
    The meetings
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Welcome and Enrolment Stage

What needs to be in the company profile?

We will send you a template with guidance and rough word counts to complete. Please include your website link and logo followed by a short description of the products and/or services that you offer as well as the top 3 benefits that make your company stand out.

Can we have multiple profiles for two parts of our business?

We are only able to share one profile/proposition for each event so its important to make your key proposition clear and concise. You can always amend/update your profile for future events if needed.

What platform is the event run on?

Zoom. We create private links for each meeting.

What does the DTL look like and what is it?

The DTL is a list of all of the delegates that are attending the Strategy Meeting Day. It includes all the business intelligence for each delegate and their company to allow our clients to make an informed decision on whether they would like to meet.

When will we receive the DTL?

We will send you the DTL for your review around 6 weeks ahead of each event. Please note that we will give you 4 – 5 working days to complete and submit your selections.

How many people should be on each call?

We recommend having 1 – 2 representatives per meeting to keep the discussions authentic. The meetings are designed to be exploratory conversations rather than a sales pitch and the most successful meetings are those that are 1 – 1 discussions.

What time will the meetings be?

The meetings will be scheduled from 8:30am – 2:10pm local time on the event day.

Can we change the region we’re interested in after signing the contract ?

If you decide that you want to expand the regions you are targeting then yes we can always explore this. However, we will need to know this at least 8 weeks ahead of the projects you wish to join to ensure you are included in time.

Can we let you know the companies we want to meet with?

Our delegate onboarding teams already engage with delegates from a wide range of different companies and industries and whilst we cannot guarantee that we can get specific delegates on board, you can share your target audience for our reference.

Can we change the day of the event as we are unable to attend on that day?

The meetings will all be scheduled on the event day so if you aren’t available then please let us know as soon as possible so we can reorganise your participation at an alternative event day.

Is there an expiry date for our meetings?

Whilst we want to deliver the best opportunities for you as soon as available, if there aren’t meetings of interest, we will roll you over to the next relevant events until your contract is complete.

If we match with more delegates than our contracted amount of meetings, is there an opportunity to purchase more?

If there is an opportunity to deliver additional meetings for you, we will inform you of this and provide the option to upgrade your package.

DTL Stage

How many delegates should we select?

Select all the delegates who are within your target and who you want to have a meeting with. The more people you select the more opportunities there are to have meetings as we will only arrange meetings with those who have a mutual interest. Our team will explore arranging meetings with your priorities, so please do only select people you want to meet.

What do I do if I dont see anyone on the list that is of interest?

If you have thoroughly reviewed the list and still decided that there aren’t any delegates of interest then please let us know and then we can discuss next steps. We can share the list of delegates who are interested in your profile to help or otherwise we can look to arrange meetings in alternative regions or events. Each event we host will have a new list of attendees to meet with.

Can we send you a live sheet so all our sales team can make selections and edit interest levels?

Our analysis team need to know your final selections by the deadline we set so that they know who to arrange meetings with. If you do want to create a live document for your team to complete then please ensure it is finalised and submitted by the deadline given. Please don’t make any further changes after you have submitted it to us.

Can we add our own question to the DTL?

The current questions on our DTL are designed to aid all clients in attendance, and we believe that they cover a broad range of topics and sectors. That being said, we are always looking for ways to improve and we take on board your feedback so we may consider adding/amending the questions if appropriate.

From the list provided I am only interested in one delegate, can I rate the others as Low?

Yes, if you are only interested in meeting one delegate within the DTL list you can rate others as Low but this will of course limit the potential meetings we can deliver and will depend on whether that delegate is mutually interested.

What happens if we dont submit the DTL by the deadline?

We will reach out with a gentle reminder from our side to return your selections. The deadline is set to align with the calls our team have scheduled with the delegates to discuss potential meetings. Therefore, if we don’t have your selections by the deadline our team wont be able to include you in these discussions. If there is a reason you aren’t able to return your selections by the deadline, please let us know so we can try to work around it.

Can we receive the DTL list before as I will be in annual leave and I would like to see the delegates who will be attending the event?

The DTL will be released on the given date for everyone, so please let us know another POC we can send the list to whilst you are away.

If the DTL does not provide enough information for the delegates, can we ask for extra information?

The DTL provides a wide overview of both the delegate and their respective company so there should be enough information to make your selections. Whilst we aren’t able to provide further insights specifically, please remember that we will also be sharing your proposition with them and will only arrange a meeting if the delegate is mutually interested to ensure there is an alignment.

What can we do to increase our popularity with delegates?

To maximise interest from the delegates, make your profile as clear and concise as possible, highlighting your key proposition and what you can offer that makes you unique.

When will we find out what meetings have been arranged?

Our scheduling team will be working on the agendas over the next few weeks and we will confirm the details and times of the meetings arranged when we send the draft agenda, a week before the event.

Draft Agenda Stage

Can we send extra info to those we have meetings with?

We suggest that you use the meetings to discuss further points or topics as this is when you will have the delegates attention. Following the meeting, make sure you get their contact details if you wish to follow up but we will also share their email address too as a back up.

How should we approach the meetings, do you have any advice?

The meetings are designed to be exploratory conversations so take a consultative approach to each meeting by highlighting what you can offer the delegate that will help with the challenges / priorities they have indicated in the DTL we sent.

Why are there not more meetings?

We will only arrange meetings with delegates you have selected, who have mutually expressed an interest in meeting. This means that the number of meetings we can arrange is limited by the mutual matches you get.

Can you reschedule these meetings outside of the event as something unexpected popped up and we can no longer attend?

All the delegates have committed to taking the meetings on the event day and have booked in this time accordingly. Therefore, we aren’t able to reschedule the meetings to an alternative date.

Programme Day

Can we get the zoom links earlier?

Our scheduling team are working on the agendas up until the morning of the event so it is only then that we can share the links, as we want to ensure the links we share are final.

Who do I reach out to if I have a problem on the event day?

On the day of the event you will be allocated an account manager who is there for any added support that you may need during the day. We will let you know who this will be the day before and they will send over the final agenda with the zoom links in the morning.