Yarooms International SRL

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User-Friendly, Data Driven, Flexible

Empower your workspace with sustainable, efficient, and flexible solutions for unparalleled employee experience and cost savings.

Products and Services

The complete workplace platform with desk and meeting room booking solutions, carbon emissions tracking, hybrid work planning, digital signage, and visitor management.

We combine tech and data so you can manage your workplace smarter, not harder.

Top 3 Benefits

  • Efficient Space Utilization: YAROOMS enables organizations to optimize their place of business by allowing users to book workspaces, meeting rooms, and resources as needed. This leads to better space utilization and cost savings.
  • Improved Productivity: With YAROOMS, employees can easily find other users working locations and search for workspace based on features, capacity, and availability, reducing time wasted searching for a place to work or meet and removing commuters’ regret. This boosts productivity and helps teams focus on their tasks.
  • Streamlined Operations: YAROOMS provides real-time insights and reporting on space usage, compliance with company policies, and carbon footprint, which helps organizations make data-driven decisions for space planning and resource allocation. This streamlines operations and enhances overall workplace efficiency.

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