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Machine Learning, Ai, Natural Language Processing

Width.ai consults on and builds machine learning and data science software solutions for businesses looking to move their company past competitors with ML & Ai. Automate huge chunks of company workflow, improve product capabilities and intelligence, or create your next Ai based software solution. Width.ai implements custom software solutions built just for you with clear-cut ROI you can’t hide.

Products and Services

Width.ai is a machine learning and ai consulting and development firm. We focus on helping customers build production level software solutions with custom implementations. Our services are designed to give customers varying levels of resources & support based on their preferred engagement level with the development cycle. Our key domains of focus are natural language processing and computer vision.

Top 3 Benefits

  • Technical consulting focused on helping development focused teams avoid roadblocks and make sure they’re on the right path forward. Its easy to take the right path when you’ve done it before!
  • Project based development for custom ai/ml solutions. Our teams of management and engineers help build custom solutions in an agile environment. 
  • Our hire-a-dev model allows companies to leverage our senior level engineers in an engagement similar to hiring an employee. We’ll onboard them into your team allowing you to instantly take advantage of their experience building the exact projects you’re working on with your team.

Key Areas of Experience:

  • Legal and financial document automation and processing
  • Chatbot development and conversational ai workflows with LLMs
  • Computer vision based product recognition and extraction in retail and warehouse spaces

Case Studies & Whitepapers:







“Matt has expert-level knowledge and a great consultant. He helped us assess an outside vendor and allowed us to ask the right/intelligent questions. In the end, his knowledge saved us from getting into a deal that I think would have been very bad. Saved us $10s of 1000s of $s.”

Nicky George

CEO, SalesHawk

“Matt is an AI expert in a sea of could/would/should be experts. He is a quick learner, has a sharp mind for business, and knows how to bring AI to organizations struggling to make sense of it all. We used him as a consultant and will re-engage as our internal discussions and project planning progress.”

Nick Matteucci

CEO, WorkOtter

“Matt is an expert. He’s also a friendly, flexible, and able communicator. He came through just as promised and was able to suggest a helpful work flow for the project. I hope and plan to work with him again.”

Jim Dennen

Professor, Denison University

“Matt is an experienced AI expert who can shortcut your time to market. He has a wealth of knowledge and is very willing to share it.”

Mic Black

Mic’s Lab Pty Ltd

“The increase in advertiser revenue and brand engagement we saw in just one month after setting up our new analytics dashboard was just unreal. Width.ai increased our advertiser revenue 36% in just that first month, and showed us deep insights on followers we never knew you could know.”

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