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Company Profile

Coaching Management Platform

Flyt.Coach is an easy-to-use platform helping enterprises scale and manage their coaching practice and initiatives. Works for leadership development programs and one on one coaching. Created by coaches for coaches and administrators of internal and external vendors/coaches. Flyt. Coach is a cohesive and streamlined solution to manage the extensive manual work that growing a coaching initiative would normally entail.

Products and Services

  • White-label platform for scaling and managing coaching pools.
  • Billing and Reporting
  • Integrated Calendar for conflict checking.
  • Coach matching with your own coach pools
  • Measuring Impact
  • Progress Tracking and Session Feedback Data
  • Automates coaching administration with reminders and notifications.
  • Assembles all the company’s coaches in one place.
  • Enterprise Ready Security with SSO support and ISO27001 compliance

Top Benefits

  • Digitalizes internal coaching practices for big enterprises.
  • Efficiency: Time and cost savings 30 – 90 %
  • Scales internal coaching initiatives in an effortless way with great results

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