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Interactive customer experiences platform

Create and manage personalised interactive sales presentations and touchscreen experiences in hours not weeks and create the WOW! for your customers.

Products and Services

  • Full strategy, user experience, and creative services
  • The POP Platform enables you to:
  • Centrally manage all sales & marketing material and interactive presentations, to create a single source of truth company-wide
  • Create and manage interactive touchscreen content for all events globally
  • See real-time analytics across every customer interaction and integrate with your CRM
  • Personalization at scale: Instantly tailor buyer experiences based on individual customer interactions and needs
  • Rapidly create interactive 3D models and product demos to speed customer understanding
  • Experiences work on any device – phone, tablet up to large touchscreens at events and interactive video walls in innovation centres

Top 3 Benefits

  • Easily manage content, presentations and interactive experiences across organisation, significantly reducing costs and saving time
  • Differentiate from competitors, strengthen customer relationships, and speed up time to market & the sales-cycle
  • Demonstrable increase in sales productivity, customer wins and profit margins, 750% typical ROI.

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