Company Profile

The low-code platform to build scalable, integrated business apps.

Top 3 Benefits

  • Powerful – Has the power to enable business users to create applications that process high volume, complex data, from multiple data sources without resorting to code behind
  • Integrated – Create an interconnected ecosystem, with real-time synchronisation, to ensure your business can securely access and manage data to improve business outcomes.
  • Composable – Work faster and smarter with re-useable components, actions and templates

Products and Services

The PhixFlow Low-Code Platform 

PhixFlow is a comprehensive, integrated, end-to-end, low-code application development platform to connect, manage, analyse and interact with anything from simple data through to high volume, high velocity and widely varying data and to automate business processes.

Streamline your business with connected and synchronised data applications to deliver business process workflows and automate applications up to 85% faster. Fusion teams, comprising of your technical business users and IT teams, are able to collaborate, delivering applications at pace and scale.

The PhixFlow platform provides an integrated experience. All licences provide:

  • Entity Relationship Diagrams: A Data layer which allows you to define your tables and the relationships between them, all within a simple drag-and-drop interface.
  • Workflow: Visualise, map out and define your business processes. Each node links to the corresponding functionality e.g. data processing, a user dashboard, etc. to document your application and enable task allocation.
  • Screen designer: Drag-and-drop screen, dashboard, report and form designer with full parametrised control over the look, feel, palette and behaviour. Screen-building wizards and dynamic highlighting guide you through the process. Templates and components speed up the process of building the screens. Support through emails, calls and live-chat.
  • Composable business logic: Re-useable items shorten development time – from screen components and templates, actions and nested actions as well as complete application packages. E.g. draw out your business logic using our ActionFlow diagrams and save as a re-usable package, which can then be used by any screen or model that needs it.
  • Data connectivity and Analytics: PhixFlow provides a library of re-useable template connectors and processing functions to allow you to configure interfaces, quickly and simply, to source and target systems and process the data. Connectors available for D365, SAP, Salesforce, SharePoint, etc. together with standard API, spreadsheet, file, Database connectors, API webhooks and inbound APIs.

PhixFlow Fusion 

Extend your internal resources and accelerate your project delivery using PhixFlow Fusion, our comprehensive programme that combines your business application requirements, ideas and resources with the expertise of our Professional Services Team.

Our Professional Services team is there to train, support and mentor your teams, allowing you to hand over, or take on as much, of the project as you wish.

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