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Meltwater are the global leaders in media intelligence and social listening solutions and we help bridge the gap between PR, marketing and communications departments with our all-in-one cloud based solution.


Meltwater’s all-in-one media monitoring and social listening solutions help clients to stay on top of billions of online conversations and extract relevant insights to strategically manage their brands.

  • We track over 300,000 online news sources, and have partnerships for print and broadcast monitoring
  • Our social media listening and analytics covers Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, comments, review sites, forums, message boards, and over 300 million blogs
  • We help our clients analyse media and social media coverage with ease, with both qualitative and quantitative metrics, allowing them to visualize media coverage and report on the ROI of their PR & Marketing efforts
  • We have an integrated Social Media Engagement tool that allows marketing teams to schedule, publish and measure the impact of social media content
  • Our Audience Insight reports allow you to conduct real-time consumer research using social media data
  • Our Social Influencer management platform allows you to identify, manage and report on influencer marketing campaigns

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Top 3 Benefits

  • One of G2’s top 10 Best Marketing and Digital Advertising products, and featured as a Best Software Product, Highest Satisfaction Product, Best Global Seller, and Best Product for Enterprise, Mid-Market, and Small Businesses.
  • Committed to continuously improving through strategic acquisitions and investment in AI
  • Includes fully functional mobile app to manage your brand on the go

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