Company Profile

Medius is an award-winning UN-recognised technology solution provider that helps companies achieve higher business impact by implementing innovative data-driven technologies that cannot be bought off the shelf.

Products and Services

  • Business-critical SW solutions, we create from scratch and improve the up-and-running systems to smoothly embed them into the client’s IT landscape.
  • AI and Machine Learning, we optimize operations and streamline the end-customer experience (i.e. Anomaly Detection, Predictive Maintenance)
  • Big Data environment, weprepare and execute specialized business requests at any time with the best customer-centric approach
  • IoT & IIoT, we crunch all the data in the areas of operations monitoring & optimization, and decision making.
  • GamayunAI, innovative solution to extract valuable insights for faster and correct decision-making saving millions € per year.
  • Frodo AI, helps insurance companies maintain claim transparency and alertness with an AI-powered Fraud Detection System

Top Benefits

  • When working with clients we focus on increasing revenue, lowering downtimes and improving business potential.
  • 100% customer retention rate since we know how to address Project Delays, Quality and Reliability, Data Security and Privacy, Cost Overruns.
  • Unique approach, state-of-the-art and cross-industry insights, which ensures that each client stays ahead of their competition
  • Proven risk-free solutions backed up with 350+ data-driven complex SME and Enterprise projects within 9 industries
  • Working with Medius is professional and fun and we go above and beyond for our clients.

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