Company Profile

Macorva uses generative AI to turn employee experience data into actionable resources for managers and employees.

Products and Services

  • Mobile-first employee surveys
  • AI-powered sentiment analysis
  • Streamlined 360 feedback
  • Automated lifecycle surveys
  • Any kind of survey or feedback!
  • Intuitive, user-friendly data analysis
  • Automated AI-powered data analysis and insights
  • Employee engagement benchmarks and driver analysis
  • Automated AI-powered employee coaching
  • Automated AI-powered manager enablement
  • AI-powered performance management: instantly generate OKRs, performance reviews, development plans, PIPs, meeting agendas, and more from manager notes and employee experience data.

Top 3 Benefits

  • Increase employee engagement
  • Decrease turnover, onboarding, and training costs
  • Save managers over 100 hours per year with AI automation

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Macorva EX powered by Radiant AI: platform intro

Macorva MX powered by Radiant AI: platform intro